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The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

The American school of classical studies at Athens was founded at 1881 and was devoted in the research of Greek culture. The American school of classical studies is one of the greatest research and education organizations of the world.

Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum is the oldest active museum organization in Greece. The department of modern architecture archives collects records and archives anything related with Modern Greek architecture since 1830.

Goulandris Natural History Museum

Project Title: «Documentation,digitization and highlights of  Goulandris Natural History Museum collections» «Digitization and highlights of the historical archives of Goulandris Natural History Museum»   Short description: The Goulandris Natural History Museum proceeded to decades of researching and recording the country’s …

Digitization of “Patris” newspaper

First published of newspaper “Patris” was on Bucharest and primary target was the Greek freedom of expression.


The first publication of the newspaper “Patris” was in Bucharest and its’ goal was the liberty of expression in Greece.


The volumes of the newspaper which were in paper went through digitalization. The volumes digitized were from 1890 to 1923, the volume of this archive was approximately 44.100 pages.


Moreover, some of the documents were in bad shape, so they needed more attention when digitized in order not to destroy them.


The equipment used for the digitization of “Patris” was an I2s scanner and the duration of this project was 3 months.