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Web Design Not conforming to standards may not make a website unusable or error prone, standards can relate to the correct layout of pages for readability.
Cost 10.000 - 150.000 €

Superior Air Online Booking

Superior Air Online® is an online reservation system for VIP flights who contains airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations,ticket records,information for flight academy,daily offers etc. This system offer effective airline booking engine implementation and support, smart intuitive user interface, seamless and …


is an archaeological portal which contains vortals targeted on specific archaeological categories, such as: the vortal of archaeology online that is Greek targeted, the photo gallery with archaeological content, opinions, blogs and many more.


Online social holiday booking platform.


Pemptousia.gr is an informative site that deals with culture, science and religion. The site includes information about monastic life, hagiology, and religious life. The use can also read about the monastery of Vatopaidi and the holy Mount Athos.

Cost 5.000 - 10.000 €


Summary: Neighborhood Lifestyle Hotels lives in a seven storey building, becoming a residential hub for travelers of the world, who wants a hotel with personality – a place to live. Our spacious and aery suites are individually furnished with integrity, …

Superior Air

Superior Air is a well-recognized Aviation company that can provide a private small plane or private helicopter service for anyone.


Edoep.gr is an informative site which contains useful information for the insured parties of the organization

Media Law

MediaLaw.gr is a website for one of the major law firms in Athens-Greece. It was designed and built with a minimalistic and simplified logic, allowing the visitor to easily access the information he/she needs related to any legal issues.

Cost 1.000 – 5.000 €


Wtitan is a site witch crated to inform its potential customer for its products. It has a simple navigate menu categorizes buy kind of export. When a customer fined the product that he looks to, he asks for a price and quantity. The Wtitan acts as intermediary to collect the quantity and send the product.

Anna Papagianni

A Portfolio site to highlight the exceptional job of Anna Papagianni on lights. The site structured to allow the user to navigate on Papagianni’s publications and Papagianni’s case studies. It simple to not confuse the user and basic purpose was Anna Papagianni to have on any place her portfolio.

Learn your heart

The site “Learn your heart” is the latest work from the cardiologist Vassilis Spanos. Its main goal is to inform the public how our heart is working and what should we do to maintain its health.


Linguaphone supply self-study language products in bulk to a wide range of international companies, from private sector multinationals, through to individual bookstores.

Marianne Strapatsakis

The site of Marianne Strapatsakis is a web portfolio which contains all of the artists’ work as well as other information related to it.