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Web Design Learn your heart Vasilios Spanos


The site “Learn your heart” is the latest work from the cardiologist Vassilis Spanos. Its main goal is to inform the public how our heart is working and what should we do to maintain its health. Through brief, but informative articles the site visitors/users are educated about healthy ways of life, simple advice to prevent heart disease and accurate description of typical heart conditions. The cv of the doctor who inspired the “Learn your heart”, Vassilis Spanos, is also available on the site.


The site is structured in two main categories, one for the public and another for the medical professionals. The latter contains academic publications, conferences’ and speeches’ proceedings from the cardiologist Vassilis Spanos. Through the site is also available to submit your question and be answered.

Site Map

– I learn my heart

— The arteries of the heart

— How the heart works

— Coronary heart disease

— Cardiac arrhythmias

— Poor heart

– For a healthy heart

— I watch my heart

— Diet

— Physical activity

— Cholesterol

— Smoking

— Hypertension

— Diabetes Mellitus

– Cardiologist

— CV

— Interventions

— Publications

— Scientific activity

— Social Activity

— Contact

Release Date 2011