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Archaiologia.gr is an online edition of the magazine Archaeology an Arts. This site includes articles, tribute articles that explore a specific theme. You can also find a calendar which contains all the archaeological and cultural events of interest, proposals for new books, announcements of educational programs and scholarships, calls for papers at conferences etc. At the vortals of archaiologia.gr you can also find the complete digital archive of the magazine from 1981 to 2010 (at that time the magazine switch to web form). Finally the section of “Article Series” contains a series of four articles, each time, dedicated to a specific theme (just like in the printed edition), a new article is posted every other Monday.



Archaiologia.gr is an archaeological portal which contains vortals targeted on specific archaeological categories, such as: the vortal of archaeology online that is Greek targeted, the photo gallery with archaeological content, opinions, blogs and many more. Let’s not forget that Archaeology & Arts contains the biggest online archaeological community. The registered members can communicate with each other, may add to their favorites or to their collections articles, photos and so on, so they can create their own online archaeological library that could consult at any time.


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Release Date 2011