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Web Design EDOEAP United journalistic organization for subsidiary healthcare insurance


Edoeap.gr is the official site of the united journalistic organization for subsidiary healthcare insurance. This site is devoted to the journalists insured in this organization, so when a user visits the site he could read the latest news of the organization, news and advices about parenting, information for the unemployed, when an edoeap social action takes place, scientific articles and papers. The user could also find all the associations and federations of the journalism sector, he could read the article of association of edoeap and finally he can find a wide range of information about the doctors that are affiliated with the organization.


Edoep.gr is an informative site which contains useful information for the insured parties of the organization. The site is structured in a way that everybody can browse and find the info he needs. The user may find all the applications forms of the fund, a list of the affiliated doctors, dentist and clinics at Athens and Thessaloniki. Finally he gets the chance to read articles written by well-known veterans journalist.

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Release Date 2012