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Pemptousia.gr is an informative site that deals with culture, science and religion. The site includes information about monastic life, hagiology, and religious life. The use can also read about the monastery of Vatopaidi and the holy Mount Athos.



Pemptousia.gr is a religious-cultural portal which contains many categories that deal with a particular topic for instance: the archives where you could find the archives of the monastery of Vatopaidi, the online magazine “ΑΝΑΛΕΚΤΑ”, the photo and video gallery and the special tributes. Moreover the user may find a web TV section, a web radio and an accessible website. Finally Pempousia is a multilingual web site (Greek, English, Romanian, Russian and Georgian).


Site Map

– Lake Vistonida Issue

– The wrok of the Monastery

– The life in the Monastery

– History

– Occupied space

– Natural environment

– Library

– Religion

– Science

– Culture

– Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi

– Holy Mount Athos

– Timeliness

– Tributes

– Music

– Video Gallery

– Articles

– Photo Gallery

– Informational Bulletin

– The Synaxari of Pemptousia

Release Date 2011